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“The Best in the Biz

Tommy… you are the best in the biz! Look forward to making more Reality TV magic with you… You always bring it and we can always count on you to be there when we need you!”

by by Terrence Martin Cast Member - Metal Artist, Big Table Media

“The Best in the Industry

Tommy is the best in the industry when it comes to landscape lighting. His experience makes him the best choice. There is no lighting challenge that has been presented to him that he has not come up with a creative and outstanding outcome. His does beautiful work.”

by by Robert Circle

“A Great Ambassador for Our Industry

Tommy is one of the premier lighting designers in the industry. He is also one of our most talented marketeers. Tommy’s has brought valuable retail market attention to our profession in a way that on one else can. Tommy’s passion for the industry is contagious and he serves as a great ambassador for our industry.”

by by Robert CircleGerry De La Vega
Owner, Terradek Lighting Inc.

“An Icon in the Landscape Lighting Industry

Tommy, The Lighting Geek, is an icon in the landscape lighting industry. His long history of innovation, professionalism, and keen sense of lighting design makes him an ideal choice for any homeowner or business looking for top-notch landscape lighting. While I haven’t had the opportunity to work with him directly, I know through colleagues that his work is exemplary. I even have his autographed picture on my desk (strange as that sounds!) He has, after all, reached celebrity status in our industry.”

by by Steve Parrott Communication and Marketing Director, CAST Lighting

“Excellent Results

Tommy has been a business associate for many years. He has always come through on time with excellent results.Tommy always works to keep our best interest in mind and has had impeccable integrity throughout the years. I would highly recommend using Tommy for his knowledge and expertise he wont let you down.”

by by Guy Cozzi
(Hired Tommy as a Contractor in 2001)

“Exceeded Expectations

I would highly recommend The Lighting Geek for their creativity and professionalism. We have worked together under tight deadlines for TV Shows and he exceeded the expectations of every project. I am glad to know Tommy and his crew!”

by by Tami Teel
Interior Designer, Tami Teel Designs, INC.

“Our Guests Fall in Love

Every time we have guest in our back yard in the evenings they fall in love with the whole feeling the environment offers. With out question the lighting makes the MOOD of our back yard memorable. Tommy, you need to do our front yard!”

by Paul and Jean, Granite Bay

“A Pleasure to Work With

Tommy has always been a pleasure to work with on our projects. He is consistent, works hard, flexible and performs well under the pressure of a deadline. He is technically oriented and adapts well if there are any project changes and/or client demands. A great person to have on anyone’s project.”

by by Kyle H. Crooke
TIR Landscape Design

“This Place Looks Like Disneyland

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the work that you did on out backyard. The placement and quality of the lighting makes all the difference in the world. A friend and his wife came into our backyard and stated, ‘WOW! Lighting is everything. This place looks like Disneyland!’ We enjoy sitting outside in the evening with the tunes on low and the waterfall running.”

by by Eric Rubio

“My Go-to Guy

I have known Tommy the lighting geek for a number of years now. There is no one in Sacramento that knows more about low volt outdoor lighting then Tommy. He is my go to guy when it comes to complex high end lighting projects. I highly recommend his work!”

by by Nicholas Winn
Speciality Contractor for DIY Networks: Yard Crashers, House Crashers & Turf War TV Shows

“Exquisite & Extraordinary

Tommy is detail oriented with an eye for beauty. His light scapes are exquisite and extraordinary.”

by by Linda Turman
Account Executive, Clipper Magazine

“A Pioneer in the Landscape Lighting Industry

I admire Tommy’s creative landscape lighting designs. He displays true expertise and professionalism for his trade. Tommy is a pioneer in the landscape lighting industry. I commend his past accomplishments and look forward to seeing his future innovations.”

by by Les Lemasters
Owner, Classic Irrigation and Lighting

“Over-the-top Customer Service

Tommy Herren and his lighting geek crew give new meaning to the term ‘Contractor.’ Not only do they deliver top quality service, but they are reliable and show up when they say they will. Tommy is always willing to work within your budget and phase out your overall lighting solution (it took us 5 phases to complete our front and backyards and he never pressured us to do more than our budget allowed for each phase). Once you are a Lighting Geek customer, Tommy ensures your needs are always taken care of, whether it’s the replacement of a lightbulb hours before a party or whether it’s coming out at night to check out the angles of the light to ensure the solution is perfect – Tommy is always there to provide over-the-top customer service. We have received so many compliments regarding our lighting and we owe it all to the Lighting Geek!”

by by Christine Walker

“Respected Right Across North America

Having known Tommy for several years now, I can confidently recommend him and his Lighting Geek Team… to provide you with a creative, effective, efficient and unique lighting system. Tommy is one of the leaders of this industry and is well known and respected right across North America. He is passionate about his craft, and brings a one-of-a-kind energy and enthusiasm with him wherever he goes.”

by by James Solecki
President and Chief Designer, INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting Systems

“Great Effects

Tommy knows his way around lighting equipment and how to use it for great effects.”

by by Ron Allison
Principal, Ronald J. Allison Landscape Architect

“Resourceful & Original

Tommy is resourceful and original in his approach to design. He is also a very funny man. You will enjoy working with The Geek!”

by by Oscar Welch
CLO, Welch Creative Lighting

“The Yard At Night Looks Like a Resort

Hiring the Lighting Geek has completely transformed my yard. Tommy really understands the play of light, and was able to place lights in areas I would never have considered – the result is amazing. My neighbor’s trees, which I never really noticed before, are now highlights of my yard, as they are uplit in a way that makes them beautiful accessories to my space. Walls and fences look bright and welcoming, and the yard at night looks like a resort….it’s just beautiful. On the practical side, he works well in small spaces (my yard is not large) and is willing to work his magic within your budget (although you’ll end up wanting more after you see the result). Moreover, all work was done promptly, with sensitivity to plants, structures, and animals that coexist in the yard.”

by by Jennifer Lundmark