Installing Landscape Lighting

Does Installing Landscape Lighting Really Make a Difference? 

The landscape of your yard is more than just an aesthetic feature; it can also serve as a security measure. Installing landscape lighting will not only improve the appearance of your property but its safety and security as well. Outdoor lighting enhances the attractiveness of your property, but there are many other benefits you might not be aware of. This includes increased visibility, improved safety, reduced crime rates, and more!

Landscape Lighting Installation to Illuminate Walkway
Landscape Lighting Installation to Illuminate Walkway

Let’s explore these benefits in detail:  

-Increased Visibility: Outdoor lights help to illuminate walkways so that people can see where they’re going better at night or during foggy weather. A proper light installation will provide enough brightness to make all important areas visible from any angle so that no one has to worry about tripping over something when they’re outside at night. 

-Improved Safety: Even in lighted areas, visibility can be limited due to terrain features, landscaping choices, and tree placement. That’s why landscape lights are often chosen with brighter bulbs or more fixtures than normal outdoor lighting setups. It is also important for the lights to cover every area where someone might walk rather than just the key pathways that an intruder would take through your yard. If you have any street lamps nearby, these will contribute additional illumination.

 -Reduced Crime Rates: Offenders tend to avoid properties that are well lit because it makes them easier to spot from a distance or forces them into darker areas where they might trip on uneven or break their ankle running away after their crime. The more light you have, the better.

-Improved Curb Appeal: A crisp, well-lit landscape will make it seem like your property is worth more to would-be intruders because it seems like they’d be easier to spot (and therefore catch). You might even impress family and friends with how much safer and nicer your yard looks after installing new lights!

Landscaping can truly create a safer environment by making it more visible. Unfortunately, many properties are compromising their safety by not using proper lighting techniques for their landscaping needs. The key is to find outdoor lighting which provides adequate illumination while still being aesthetically pleasing. An improperly lit landscape may lead criminals to believe that no one is home or alert potential criminals to the absence of security measures. Building your landscape with lighting in mind can help deter criminals, reduce crime rates and ultimately make your property safer.

Installing Landscape Lighting Around Trees
Installing Landscape Lighting Around Trees

Specific tips for achieving safety through landscaping: 

-Choose landscape lights that are bright enough to illuminate all areas which you would expect to be used by humans at night or during low visibility conditions (foggy weather, nighttime). 

-Aim your lights downward so they highlight features rather than blinding people who might be walking nearby. 

-Install motion detectors on outdoor lights so they activate when someone comes near rather than always being on. Be sure to check bulbs regularly since dead lamps could give off no light or just a dim light that won’t attract attention.

Working together, landscaping and lighting can create a safe and secure environment for your home. Proper landscaping techniques combined with proper lighting techniques will greatly improve the safety of your house and property, but only if done correctly.

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