How to program a smart digital timer

This is a common problem and we made this video to help many of our clients. PLEASE DO NOT CALL our office for assistance. We are not the manufacturer, not the distributor. But please, CONTACT US for all of your landscape lighting needs!

How to Choose a Lightbulb

There are several details to consider when choosing a lightbulb, including size, style and wattage. When it comes to aesthetics, however, two often-overlooked aspects are color and quality of light. Color Few people realize that even white lightbulbs can vary in color—or, more accurately, color temperature. A bulb’s color temperature is measured using the Kelvin scale and denoted by a…

Video: Selecting a Wall Sconce

When selecting a new wall sconce for your home exterior, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. One of the most common questions we get is, “I want to buy a new wall sconce for outside my front door, and I’m not sure which one to get.” Please watch this video for a couple of hints.

How To Choose A Porch Light

When choosing a light fixture for your front porch, it’s easy to become preoccupied with its aesthetic design, but a more important consideration is how it functions. After all, a porch light may look nice in the daytime, but if it doesn’t emit light in a pleasing way, it won’t look nice at night, which more or less defeats the…

The Landscape Lighting Industry

If you’re thinking about installing landscape lighting, make sure you’re aware of industry advancements that increase efficiency and reduce upkeep. Modern landscape lighting means more than just a few solar lights jammed into the grass along your driveway or sidewalk. Today, landscape lighting contractors specialize in custom-designed lighting that highlights featured areas, creates different moods and increases the value of…