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Architectural Lighting

Your home is an extension of you and one of the most important investments you will ever make.

Landscape Lighting

A dark outdoor area can really put a damper on a party, get-together, or romantic evening.

Commercial Lighting

We can take care of the lighting needs in commercial areas as well. HOA common areas, restaurants, and hotels are just some of the projects we do very well.


Pools Fountains & Water Features

Entertaining people in your outdoor environment or inside your home for that matter, a good quality sound system makes it that much better

No Job Is Too Small

Every property is unique and requires a custom design that not only compliments a property’s landscape and architecture, but highlights the unique characteristics of the clients themselves.

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Tommy… you are the best in the biz! Look forward to making more Reality TV magic with you… You always bring it and we can always count on you to be there when we need you!
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I have known Tommy the lighting geek for a number of years now. There is no one in Sacramento that knows more about low volt outdoor lighting then Tommy. He is my go to guy when it comes to complex high end lighting projects. I highly recommend his work!
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Having known Tommy for several years now, I can confidently recommend him and his Lighting Geek Team… to provide you with a creative, effective, efficient and unique lighting system. Tommy is one of the leaders of this industry and is well known and respected right across North America. He is passionate about his craft, and brings a one-of-a-kind energy and enthusiasm with him wherever he goes.

No Job Is Too Big

We are never afraid to tackle any job. We have previously worked with unique commercial clients that always push us to our limits to deliver amazing results that softly and artfully speak for itself to tell a story.

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Outdoor Lighting & Sound FAQs

The cost of backyard lighting varies based on the size and type of lights, as well as how many lights you need. For small fixtures you should plan to spend between $350-$450 each. You can expect to spend about $450 or more for a big yard light fixture.

So how do I know if I need one? It depends on your vantage point to the area in question, but usually 600-1200 lumens will be enough to light most decks, patios and areas around fences. These are typically spot lights so they don’t illuminate a fairly large surface area like they would inside a house. This is best for accent lighting or highlighting an object.

This information was provided to us from our friends at Pathmark Innovations.

timer outdoor light is a great investment because the lighting on your property will be far more consistent, and you won’t need to worry about turning it back on. In addition, these lights will often have a lower wattage which means they are less likely to add heat or spike your energy bills.

Outdoor timers usually have two settings- stay lit for a preset amount of time after being turned off and turn off after a preset amount of time has passed while they’re turned on. For example, some outdoor timers may be set for one hour while the lights are on and then automatically shut off. You can also find models that can be set in increments like 5 minutes (125 min).

It’s best to go through recommendations of homeowners who got their lights installed by the landscape lighting company you’re looking into.

If they give trustworthy feedback, read landscape lighting companies reviews and see how happy they are with everyone involved in the process of getting quality landscape lighting installed on their property. As everyone’s needs are different, research if there are certain aspects about each company that will be more favorable than others for you personally. For instance, do they specialize in hardscape services? Do they offer a consultation service? The more details a company has spelled out clearly on their website, the better!

Outdoor timers usually have two settings- stay lit for a preset amount of time after being turned off and turn off after a preset amount of time has passed while they’re turned on. For example, some outdoor timers may be set for one hour while the lights are on and then automatically shut off. You can also find models that can be set in increments like 5 minutes (125 min).

Yes we do.

Pool lighting is an important consideration for safety and enjoyment. We have several different options available- from LED lights that fully surround the pool area to focused beams on select seating areas, or even underwater remote controlled LED lights, depending on how you would like your space lit. When considering what type of lighting best suits your needs it’s important to evaluate if safety is a top priority – for nighttime swimming- or if mood-setting is more so what matters most – for entertaining at night.

The cost to install exterior lights in your landscape varies depending on the type of light fixtures you choose, the wattage of the bulbs, and the accessibility of the electrical wiring.

Some homeowners might choose to install low-voltage LED lights, which can be quite affordable. However, if you have a large yard with lots of trees and shrubs, it might be more economical to hire a professional lighting installation company. They will have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently without any costly mistakes.

Before you start, it’s important to decide what you want to achieve with your landscape lighting. Do you want to create a welcoming entranceway for guests? Or would you like to showcase your garden or backyard oasis after dark?

Once you’ve decided on your goal, sketch out a plan of the area you’d like to light. This will help you determine the right placement and types of lights for your project. When doing landscape lighting design, be sure to keep in mind the following:

-Size and shape of the area

-Type of plants and materials in the area

-Location of any structures or features in the area (such as a pond, deck or gazebo)

-Levels of brightness

Thanks to Illuminated Concepts for sharing!

There are many options when installing landscape lighting, depending on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer to install outdoor lights near the entrance of their home, while others like to light up their garden or patio.

Before installing any lights, it’s important to plan out your design and think about what you want to achieve. Once you have a plan in place, you can start installing your landscape lighting using one of several methods: burying wire in the ground, using stakes and posts, or mounting them on the side of a building.

No matter what type of installation you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to avoid any accidents or damage. And always remember to use caution when working with electricity.

Special thanks to our friends at Outdoor Systems for providing this information! You can find out more about them here: https://outdoorsystemsoc.com/.

Commercial landscape lighting is a great way to improve the appearance of your property and increase security. By installing outdoor lighting, you can make your property more visible at night, deter crime, and enhance the appearance of your building or complex. Outdoor lighting can also be used to create an inviting atmosphere and increase foot traffic for businesses.

This information was provided by Illuminate Landscape Designs!

It depends on the type of landscape lighting and the extent of the damage. In some cases, landscape lighting repair is a simple and inexpensive process; in others, it may be more complicated and expensive. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s worth repairing your landscape lights, it’s best to consult with a professional.

This answer was given to us by our friends at Vividlux Outdoor Landscape Lighting. Thank you very much!

There are a few things you’ll need to take into account when setting up an outdoor sound system for pool. For one, you’ll need to make sure the speakers are weatherproof and can withstand the elements. You’ll also need to have an amplifier that is powerful enough to push sound outdoors. If you’re not familiar with electrical wiring and audio equipment, it’s best to call a professional landscape lighting company who can help set everything up for you.

Thanks to our friends at Landscape Illumination in Northern Indiana for sharing. You can learn more about them here: https://landscape-illumination.com/.

Bistro lighting is a type of decorative lighting that is often used in restaurants. It typically consists of strings of small lightbulbs that are hung from the ceiling or walls also know as string lights.

Bistro lighting can be a great way to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in your home. It’s also a great way to add some extra ambiance to a party or get-together.

Special thanks to Land Light Pros for sharing the qualities of bistro lights!

If you’re looking for the best low voltage landscape lighting, professionals should install low voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage landscape lighting is a relatively easy and affordable way to add beauty and security to your home, but it requires some basic knowledge of wiring and electrical safety.

In order to avoid potential hazards, it’s always best to leave the installation of low voltage landscape lighting to a qualified professional. Electrical contractors have the experience and training necessary to ensure that your system is installed safely and correctly, and they can also provide routine maintenance and repairs as needed.

This answer was provided by Light Up Columbus!

There are many benefits of using a landscape lighting design service, including:

1. Increased curb appeal: Landscape lighting can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home or business, making it more attractive to potential buyers or customers.

2. improved safety and security: Well-lit landscapes deter criminal activity and can help identify potential hazards, making your property safer for employees, residents, and visitors alike.

3. Added value: A professionally designed landscape lighting system can add significant value to your property.

4. Improved functionality: The right landscape lighting can highlight key features of your property and make it more functional after dark. For example, well-lit pathways and gathering areas can encourage night-time use.

Special thanks to Northern Outdoor Lighting for sharing the benefits! You can find out more here: https://www.northernoutdoorlighting.com/.